Character Generation

Note: This list can change at the GM’s discretion and the GM reserves the right to restrict things not listed here.

Setting: The game will be set in Seattle in the year 2070. Some of the books – Vice, Corporate Guide, Sixth World Almanac, and Seattle 2072 – have information about events that are set beyond 2070. These events may or may not happen in this game.

These rules apply to starting characters only. Some of the things that are restricted or not available in character creation may become available during the course of the game.

Shadowrun, 4th Edition

The thresholds for success tests are as follows:

Difficulty Threshold
Easy 1
Average 2
Hard 4
Extreme 6

The thresholds for Extended tests are as follows:

Difficulty Threshold
Easy 6
Average 12
Hard 18
Extreme 24+

These changes are taken from the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Corebook. This differs from the Changes Reference Document printout.

See the Changes Reference Document printout for more details.

Runners Companion
This game will NOT be using the Alternative Character Creation system or the Advanced Character Concepts.

Positive Qualities:

Available, but must have a good explanation:
Born Rich
College Education
Escaped Clone
Privileged Family Name
Technical School Education
Trust Fund

Restricted Gear – Can only take once

Not available:
Deep Cover
Made Man

Negative Qualities:

Available, but must have a good explanation:
Bad Rep
Borrowed Time – The rules on this quality will be strictly enforced
Cranial Bomb

Enemy – No more than 10 bonus BP

Not Available:
Amnesia – For first characters. See The Amnesia Option for more details.

No Metagenic qualities can be taken


Cyberpsychosis rule (pg 21) is in effect, even during character creation. If a player chooses to take the Cyberpsychosis quality, and they meet the qualifications, they will get the BP for it as normal. If a character goes to 1 essence or below and would like to take the chance of not getting the quality, a test will be made as described in the rule. If the test fails, the character gains the quality and will NOT gain the BP for it. A test will be made on each piece of cyberware/bioware/genetech/nanoware that would be installed at 1 essence or below.

For example, you have 1.5 essence and decide to take a piece of cyberware that costs .5 essence, taking you to 1. A test will be made before any more cyberware/bioware/genetech/nanoware can be bought. If you succeed at that test you do not gain the Cyberpsychosis quality and you can make another cyberware/bioware/genetech/nanoware purchase. If another purchase is made, another test will be made. This will continue until the character stops making purchases of that nature. If any of these test fail, you will gain the Cyberpsychosis negative quality and will not gain BP for it. Even if a player fails the test, they can still purchase cyberware/bioware/genetech/nanoware as long as they have a positive essence.

Severe wounds optional rule (pg 120) will be in effect when necessary.

Mystical Healing Rule (pg 123) will be in effect for players to seek out from NPC’s or to learn for themselves. If a player wishes to learn Mystical Healing, the character must have an appropriate knowledge skill, which will be determined with the help of the GM.

No, you can not be a cyberzombie or a cyborg.


Any piece of gear, vehicle, or modification can be selected, subject to availability rules. Some of these choices will require an explanation as to how you came about getting it, even if it does meet availability requirements.

Armor rules (pg 44) will be in effect

Advanced Substance Abuse rules (pg 73) are in effect.

Chemistry may be taken as an Active skill as well as a knowledge skill. (pg 78)

Advanced Demolitions rules (pg 88) are in effect

Martial Arts positive quality (pg 156) is available, with some restrictions. You can not take more than 10 BP in this quality at character creation. The fighting styles of Firefight and Wildcat are going to need good explanations as to how you learned them. Sangre y Acero and Carromeleg are going to require a REALLY good explanation. Ninjutsu is not going to be allowed at all.

Advanced Combat Rules (pg 161) will be in effect.

Hazardous Environments rules (pg 163) will be in effect should the need arise.

Street Magic

Learning Metamagic Optional Rule (pg 52) is NOT in effect

Anything else from this book will be handled on a case by case basis


Full Immersion Lifestyle (pg 38) is NOT available.

Forging SINs and ID Optional Rule (pg 96) is NOT in effect. Leave it to the professionals.

Anything else from this book will be handled on a case by case basic.

The Amnesia Option

This is not available to any player making their first character. I want to have any new players go through character creation at least once in order to at least get a feel for how it works. However, should that character die, the player has an option. They can either make another character themselves, or they can have me make the character for them. If the player elects to have me make the character for them, that’s the extent of the input they will have. I will create a character of at least 400 BP, possibly more depending on the power level of the game at the time and my discretion, as well as a background. I expect that the player who chooses this option to stick with the character and not demand to play something else just because they don’t like the way things are going. You knew the rules going in.

Addendum – Amnesia Option

In order to avoid becoming ridiculous and over-used, there will be a maximum of 1 active character at a time that can use this option. This option may be restricted even further at the GM’s discretion. Also, a player can only select this option once. If the Amnesia Option character dies, all characters that the player uses for the rest of the game must be created by the player.

Addendum – Shadowrun 4th Edition

Starting Contacts can not have a Connection rating higher than 4. There is no limit on Loyalty rating, though higher ratings are going to require an explanation. All contact ratings are subject to GM approval.

Attendance and ongoing scenes – Added 10/13/11
If a player who was at the previous session can not make it to the next session, the GM will take the character over until such time that the character could realistically be put aside for the remainder of that session. If the player shows up later on in said session, the character will be returned to the game as soon as play allows. If you (the player) do not want the GM to control your character, you must inform the GM in a timely matter.

Character Generation

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