Emerald Lies

The Story So Far

The job of a talent scout, in the shadows anyway, is to find talented shadowrunners and throw together a team for whatever job is being offered. Well, that’s the ideal situation anyway. Sometimes, you have to take whatever you can get. Enter our team:

Anonymous – Elven face. Has a thing for 20th century sci-fi, comic books, and unnecessary car modifications.

Big Dog – Ork former gang member who is a pariah in is hood for not having died with the rest of the gang. Pour one out for your dead homies.

Blip – Human technomancer (but nobody knows that) that rarely talks, choosing to communicate using an LED screen on the front of his racing helmet. A Matrix addict that also likes to dress toy drones up to look like himself and then have them explode. Just a bit obnoxious.

The Judge – Elven weapon specialist. During the day, he works as a lawyer. At night, he moonlights as a shadowrunner. Makes perfect sense.

Shinagami – Elven gunslinger adept. Paranoid, unlucky, and worships the Japanese god of death. Also available for children’s parties and Bar Mitzvahs.

Shortie – Dwarf combat mage with a bad attitude, no leadership skills, and a fireball with your name on it. She also use to work at a bank. Makes perfect sense.

Sun – Human shaman. Former eco-terrorist, until she ended up killing a security guard during a raid on a shipyard. Opened her own alternative healing business. Smokes a lot of weed. She is also bad with technology.

Tank – Troll rigger/hacker. A drunk with no social skills, he fixes vehicles in his spare time out of his haunted house. He gets a great deal on rent though.

When we first met our merry band of reprobates, they were meeting their Johnson at a place called Lee’s Rat Emporium. The job was to provide security for a local pirate radio crew, Radio Phree Seattle. The job is a rite of passage for most Seattle shadowrunners and rarely has anything go wrong. They meet the pirate radio crew in southern Redmond and escort them to a spot in northern Redmond by way of Bellevue. On the way there, they are attacked by the 405 Hellhounds in an act of random violence. The team manages to fight off the gang with the liberal use of explosives, but not without a few bumps and bruises on their part. Oh, and The Judge stepping out of his car (which had been crashed into the concrete barrier by Sun. Remember kids, don’t let the shaman with no driving skill AND Gremlins try to maneuver during a chase scene) and getting clipped in the leg by a car, breaking it in a few places.

Once that mess was taken care of, the team arrived at the new broadcast site in Redmond. Half of the team plus the radio crew began to unload the van while the others kept watch. At that point 6 armed men tried to sneak up on the building, but were spotted. In the ensuing firefight, a couple of the team members were shot, but managed to take out 5 of their assailants (including one blown up by a Bust-A-Move drone with a grenade stuffed inside. The injured attacked fell on it, setting off the pressure switch, before Blip could set it off on his own. Dumpshock, anyone?), causing the last one to retreat.

With the site compromised, the van was re-packed and taken to an alternative site. No more trouble followed them, and they were thanked on the air by a grateful crew. The runners, tired and beat up, retired for the evening to count their hard-earned nuyen.

A few weeks later, the team (minus Anonymous) was hired to recover an old style optical disk that had been stolen from his employer that contained some music-related data. Their first stop on this journey was to a concert being held in Redmond where an up-and-coming ork rocker named Nabo was performing one last show in his hometown before going on tour. The Judge, however, could not go with the team after negotiating how much they would get paid for the job. After getting into the show, Sun, Shortie, and Blip manage to get backstage. Sun and Shortie distracted the guard while Blip snuck into Nabo’s dressing room. On Nabo’s commlink, Blip found an e-mail from an anonymous mailer (as well as a lot of personal information) about purchasing “some lost tracks from a legendary dead rocker.” On the way out, they managed to avoid getting caught up in a fight that broke out outside of the venue and met up with the rest of the team.

Analyzing the e-mail, Blip and Tank traced its origin back to a hacker hangout called the Cathode Glow. After nearly getting Lone Star called on them for starting a fight, they managed to find the person responsible for sending the e-mail. It was reveled that she was working for a man named Kerwin Loomis, who owns a bar in the barrens called The Coda. Once at the bar, the team had to deal with a local gang giving them trouble before finding out that their man had escaped through the back door just before they arrived. Searching in the junkyard behind the bar, the runners stumble upon an injured Kerwin and five armed men looming over him. Shortie successfully convinces them that she is drunk and lost while Sun says she is looking for her girlfriend. When Shortie drops Kerwin’s name however, the mage of the other team gets suspicious and raises his hand to cast a spell on her. At that point, Big Dog opens fire on the other team. After a brief firefight, only the mage and one other grunt are standing from the other team, On their side though Sun, Shortie, and Blip are down; Big Dog is hurt; Shinagami is on the outside of the junkyard and not in the fight yet; while Tank is bringing his van around. Just before the mage casts his next spell Tank pulls up behind him and opens fire with the light machine gun mounted in the front of his van, turning the mage into hamburger. The last remaining grunt dropped his gun and ran.

When the team is healed up enough to at least stand on their own, they get down to interrogating Loomis. He reluctantly gives them the disk, explaining that it contains some lost tracks from the legendary rocker JetBlack, who as been dead for over 20 years. The team then went back to the Cathode Glow (the ones who didn’t try to start a fight earlier anyway) in order to use some of the older equipment there to read the disk, where they discovered it was double encrypted. They managed to break one level of the encryption and were able to hear just enough to make it plausible that this was what they were looking for. Apparently not interested in looking further into the mystery, the team called up the Johnson and gave him the disk, much to his delight. Taking their earnings, the team went their separate ways until the next job.

During that wait, Sun received an unexpected visitor. Delia, the leader of the TerraFirst! Cell that she was in, barged into her business in a panic. She told Sun that the rest of the members of the cell had died over the last couple of months. Delia believes that they had been killed and that she is next, so she came to warn Sun and to find a place to hide. Three days later, the team got its next job. They met their Johnson at Club Penumbra, where they were hired to retrieve a suitcase from a lab in Auburn called TekLon Electronics. According to the Johnson, all they have to do is sneak in through a sewer tunnel, grab the case, and leave. He claims that he will have already taken care of any security.

Amazingly enough, the Johnson wasn’t lying. The team was able to gain access to the lab and snatch the case. However, just as they were leaving they heard the sounds of gunfire come from the other side of a heavy security door, getting closer and closer. Just before they were out of sight of the door, they see what looks like a fist trying to punch its way through the metal security door.

Once they make it out of the tunnel, the runners call their Johnson and tell him of their success. He sends them to an intersection in Bellevue’s warehouse district where they are to exchange the case with an Elven female named Elizabeth Chavez at 2:00 A.M. The runners arrive early and take up hiding spots, waiting for the contact to arrive…


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